Mini Pedicure                                                                    $25.00

Your feet are soaked, exfoliated, & choice of polish is applied.

Mini Plus                                                                           $30.00

Pedicure is performed in a whirlpool tub

Rejuvenating Pedicure                                                       $40.00

Your legs and feet are pampered with a luxurious massage and softening exfoliation.  Your toenails and cuticles are manicured and your choice of polish is applied.

Aromatherapy Pedicure                                                      $50.00

The relaxing and hydrating feel of aromatherapy oils with a pampering massage from knee to toe and your choice of polish is applied.

Salt Glow Pedicure                                                         $50.00

Sea salts are massaged into your feet & lower legs to exfoliate and then hydrating lotions are applied to restore moisture to the soft and supple skin.  Toenails and cuticles will be manicured and your choice of polish is applied.

Paraffin Treatment                                                            $10.00

For warm, supple, and moisturized feeling skin.

Apple oatmeal Pedicure                                                     $55.00